A new way to control everyday music, in more better way.

I am always willing to feel something new, in my life. And I believe in the power of music, making our life better.

Time and moments, passes through our life in many kinds of ways. Some are special, some are mindful, and some are unnoticeable.

And the good music, always powered my moments being active in my life. Under the recent changes of the world and our life, occasion of listening to the music are also changing. We spend more of our time around home. Working from home, the way of commuting, the way of enjoying weekend.

How would our life change, if we can enjoy good music in those moment, in more better way?

These days, we have unlimited music stream in our pocket. In many of an active occasion, I had a problem with controlling the music in my smartphone, such as …

Feel unsafe controlling touchscreen / Earbuds tap controls are easy to forget / Siri doesn’t respond how I want.

and came to the idea about creating solution to free the limit of current interfaces. PEBLWEAR is the smart remote ever made, to control everyday music in more better way, connects your hand to the digital music, in more natural and direct way.

To bring this unique idea to every music lovers daily life, I started project at the worlds most innovative crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to support the launch of this product.

The design is based on prototyping and everyday field test, every knowledge being in nature and the human interface design, are applied into this product.

  • What makes PEBLWEAR special, is the tangible touch gesture, which you can feel by your hand, and through your pocket [ Patent Pending ].
  • The size, thickness, curves, material texture, are all precisely engineered to provide easy control in active occasion.
  • And it is already in the cycle of design optimization in my everyday life.

Built by cyclist, snowboarder and music lover my self, the experience is first in mind.

And the product is long lasting. Combining the industry standard wireless technology, and durable and reliable design, PEBLWEAR is designed to be able to enjoy its experience as long as we want.

  • Durable and minimal structure realized by 3D formed plastic
  • Swappable battery which can last several month, can purchased at local stores
  • Connects with industry standard wireless technology, Bluetooth

Plus, the production is local and earth friendly. Being in the rich nature of Japan, and feeling the change of the world after COVID19, I want to keep the planet as clean as possible. So PEBLWEAR will use earth friendly local production, in appropriate amount of resource to provide our value.

  • Original micro manufacturing process for production assembly to ensure the reliable care of what we produce.
  • Our facility is powered by 100% solar energy for assembly to packing, thanks to the most sunny area in Japan.
  • Structure part is 3D printed by latest technology, which is earth friendly than traditional manufacturing technology.
  • Packing will be minimal, to reduce material we use, and to reduce logistics impact.

Support us to …

  • Bring individual project to the market!
  • Bring unique music listening experience to every music lovers daily life!

Thanks to your support, after the project successfully launched, PEBLWEAR will be available in wider availability, from peblwear.com and local shops, and you’ll be able to purchase another pair for you, or recommend to your friend and say you Kickstarted the original.

If you are interested, please visit Kickstarter project page.

Individual creator of UX design for important moments in life. Hardware designer, life with bike, music, and mountains. Matsumoto, Japan